New Zealand professional immigration advice and consulting

We assist:

  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and those looking to invest or set up a business in New Zealand
  • Individuals wishing to apply for Temporary visas to study, work and live in New Zealand
  • Employers needing to employ non-New Zealand citizens and residents whether onshore or offshore or looking to support existing employees with obtaining permanency in New Zealand
  • Individuals wishing to apply for Residence to remain indefinitely in New Zealand based on employment, family, or other categories 

Welcome to New Era, where the spirit of a historic journey continues to inspire our mission. Named after the immigrant ship that sailed into New Zealand’s shores from the United Kingdom in 1855, anchoring first in Wellington, which is now Aotearoa New Zealand’s capital city, and then in Lyttleton on the east coast of the South Island, our company embodies the resilience and determination of those early pioneers.

At New Era, we specialise in providing immigration consulting services to individuals and New Zealand businesses. Our commitment is to help you navigate the immigration process and to craft a seamless path for you to embark on a new chapter of your life.

Just as the pioneers aboard the New Era embraced the unknown with courage, we are here to navigate the complexities of immigration with you.

Whilst our speciality is focussed on immigration into New Zealand, we are happy to introduce you to our large network of other like-minded professionals. This informal pool of professionals has been developed over numerous years of practice and relationship building. We do not pay or receive commissions for referral to other service providers; we simply want to ensure that you have access to quality advice that is relevant to your needs.

We are becoming BCorp certified

We are proud to announce that we are currently on a journey to becoming BCorp certified.  You can read more about what a BCorp company is here, but as part of this process we have decided to donate a portion of ALL professional fees to charity.  We are yet to determine which charity or charities our 2024 donation will go to, but we will provide an update both on our journey to certification and to whom we have donated, over time.  Thank you for your contribution to help make the world a better place, by engaging with New Era.

All advice and consulting provided by Licensed Immigration Advisers with the Immigration Advisers Authority, New Zealand
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