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New Zealand citizens or residents can support their partner to join them in New Zealand, providing certain criteria are met.

Broadly speaking, these include being in a genuine and stable relationship, having cohabited for more than 12 months (and being able to prove the cohabitation), and the supporting partner being able to satisfy criteria relating to the support of any previous residence applications and character.

As with all applications, health and character requirements must be met by the applicant, and there are character requirements that also are applicable to the New Zealand supporting partner.

New Zealand recognises same sex, marital and de facto (common law) relationships equally under all laws.  Therefore, the term “partner” refers equally to all types of allowed relationships within immigration policy.

Dependent Children

Parents who are residing lawfully and permanently in New Zealand may be eligible to sponsor any dependent children who remain overseas, or who are on temporary visas, for residence in New Zealand.  Such circumstances arise when children may be born overseas to New Zealand residents (New Zealand citizens are likely, but not always, able to pass on citizenship to overseas-born children) or who are adopted from overseas.

To be eligible, children must be aged under 25 years, single, and with no children of their own.  They also must be totally or substantially dependent upon an adult for financial support and again meet health and character requirements.  It is important to note that custody issues also may be applicable if both parents are not residing in New Zealand and the child is under the age of 16 years.

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